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Logo/Branding/design - the process
an Overview

I am committed to partnering with you to create a logo and/or branding that will build your business effectively, attract the type of customer you have targeted and stand out from your competition.  Thank you for considering my design services.

Logo Project Process:

Below is an overview of a logo project. Since every project is unique, the approach may differ slightly, but will typically go as follows:

Down Payment: After you’ve committed to working with me, a 50% down payment will be required, along with the digital signing of a simple 1 page project agreement. This is a standard policy for most designers. 

Discussion / Research:  At this point we can discuss the details of your project either by phone or from my prepared brief so that we can narrow down what direction it should go in terms of style, concept, etc. I will also dedicate time towards research of your business/venture and industry to gain a solid understanding of your expectations, your target market and your competition. From that point I can design logo/branding that gives you maximum impact.

Sketching / Development:  After the details of your project are understood, I can then begin the process of conceptualizing (brainstorming / sketching of logo ideas). This is where most of the project time is usually spent. While a logo may seem simple to create, it’s actually quite difficult and time consuming to come up with a quality design that meets the various requirements of a good logo (aesthetically pleasing, timeless, versatile, unique, appropriate and memorable).

Refining Of Rough Concepts:  Next comes the task of selecting the best of the rough logo ideas and refining them into something more presentable. This process involves digitally re-creating sketched concepts, ensuring logo(s) work well in various sizes, making any necessary design changes, and choosing appropriate font and color schemes.

Logo Presentation:  Your logo(s) will then be presented to you along with these previews, may include my analysis / explanation of the design(s).

Revisions If Necessary:  Upon your feedback, any necessary revisions to the presented logo(s) will be addressed (i.e. color, font changes, logo graphic tweaks). 

It should be noted that 95% of clients are happy with the first designs presented. I am lenient with revisions and requests as long as my time and efforts are respected.  If you don’t like the logo(s) presented to you and remaining work hours remain, I will explore further concepts. In the unlikely event that all estimated project work hours have expired and you wish to see additional logo concepts, you may be asked to purchase additional work hours. 

Finalizing / Assisting With Print:  Upon your approval of logo, print and web versions of the design will be prepared, and assistance with printing can be provided. You’ll receive design files after final payment has been received. The files will be created in scalable vector format (pdf or ai format),

* Because of the unpredictable and organic process of logo creation, it’s impossible to determine how many different concepts I’ll be able to create in the allotted work hours for a project.

Sometimes I’m able to offer multiple designs to choose from, and sometimes only one. Rather than wasting time on sub-par concepts or trying to fill a quota of X number of logos required, I instead focus on the best ideas and perfecting them. I’ve found that this “quality over quantity” approach offers the best results and frees up project time for other tasks.

* If you require a rushed time frame for your project, I may be able to accommodate, however the cost may be higher. Good design takes time. It’s best to approach projects in an un-rushed manner whenever possible.

* If you’re designs need approval from multiple persons, it is highly recommended that a single person be designated as project communicator and final decision maker. This approach is beneficial in more ways than one.

Advantages Of Working With Me:

• Over a 25 years experience working as a professional graphic designer specializing in brand and identity design.  I am 100% committed to meeting your needs and expectations as a designer in a timely manner.

• You will be working with me directly and not juggled around between multiple designers or middlemen.  

• Designs will be approached with a quality, targeted mindset. The goal is effective branding that will build your business and get the response you are looking for.

• Unlike some designers who retain royalty rights on their work, my clients receive 100% ownership of designs. 

Thank you!  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Jennifer Guter

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